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Midmar Crushers quarry is the start in the Midmar Group value chain through producing superior quality Dolerite aggregate, a consistent, hard and competent rock. There is no deleterious material in this aggregate supplied by Midmar Crushers and is of an exceptional standard that exceeds SABS standards. The goal is to provide  customers and the community with high quality aggregates at an affordable rate. The quarry has won several ASPASA awards in terms of the ISHE program and has been named Best Independent Quarry in the Environmental category for three consecutive years (2014-2016). Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always willing to assist  new customers in any way. Come and visit us to see how we can effect change through positive contact for your business.

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Midmar Concrete Products is the second link of the Midmar Group value chain and produces quality blocks, lintels, kerbs and cement blocks. Due to the products being made with the best materials and the highest level of concentration the team can produce concrete products that are strong, durable and of the highest quality.   The Midmar Concrete products yard is based onsite with Midmar Building Supplies and provides customers and companies quick access to bulk manufacturing as well as support and advise in the use of various concrete products bought. To ensure that SABS minimum standards are consistently complied with, Midmar Building Supplies products regularly undergo strength and quality testing by Independent Laboratories.

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The third link of the Midmar Group value chain is Midmar Building Supplies. Focusing on building supplies the company provides a multitude of hardware products including directly produced aggregates and concrete products. This enables Midmar Building Supplies to provide great quality at the fairest prices. Situated on the Boston Road (R617) just outside Merrivale in KwaZulu Natal Midlands, the friendly one-on-one service provides you with personal attention to guide you through your shopping experience.

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Malleo Equipment is one of Midmar Group’s related companies that imports a range of Sangdo Heavy Equipment hydraulic hammers and specialist attachments for a wide variety of industries including quarrying; mining; smelters; blasting services; demolition; civils and construction. Malleo Equipment provides a complete hydraulic hammer solution in South Africa which includes full support, at a fixed cost, and availability of parts and moils at all times. Not only do we have a wide variety of equipment but we can provide clients from a number of professional industries nationally with good-quality equipment. Our hydraulic equipment and services range from hydraulic hammers, specialist attachments and spares to any necessary repairs and maintenance services that may be required. Malleo Equipment is also a stockist of well-priced imported moils for all brands that undergo a specialized heat treatment process to increase durability and length of use.

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A newly added link to the Midmar Group chain is Taylor Halt Quarry. It is the sister company to Midmar Crushers and both quarries complement each other with supplying high quality stone aggregate for building requirements, construction and infrastructure development. This quarry is located near Pietermaritzburg therefore has the ability to provide aggregates to customers in the surrounding areas.

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