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Ekasi Pizza

ekasi pizza

MPOPHOMENI PIZZERIA RECEIVES A TOPPING OF BUILDING MATERIALS… Local up and coming pizzeria Ekasi Pizza is truly an example of finding success against all odds.

Founded by local twin brothers Sandile and Syanda Mhlongo, the pizzeria recently opened its doors to the public and is the first food outlet of its kind in the community. With vast knowledge and experience in the food industry, especially in terms of pizza, the Mhlongo brothers believed that they could use their skills to provide the Mpophomeni community with a new taste sensation. However with limited resources they found it difficult to establish their business with regards to building their shop.

Midmar Group (Midmar Crushers) were inspired by the determination of the young business owners and were happy to contribute towards the building of their pizzeria since supporting local entrepreneurship and growing the local economy are the core goals of our company. Today Ekasi Pizza has a team of 3 full time workers and three casual employees and is a thriving business in the local community.

Midmar Crushers Local Business Forum

business forum

MIDMAR CRUSHERS EFFECTING CHANGE THROUGH POSITIVE CONTACT FOR LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS…Midmar Crushers, with the help of SEDA and Ethembeni Place of Hope have come together to create a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the local Mpophomeni and Kwa-Chief communities.

The project is called the Local Business Forum (LBF) and it is a platform for connecting local businesses to each other, encouraging business ownership, innovation, quality services, local production and outcome based business training to enable the transfer of skills and promote entrepreneurship.

Midmar Crushers looks forward to working hand in hand with local businesses as we believe that in order to help eradicate poverty in the area an improved culture of entrepreneurship is needed as it will create business opportunities in the local community and therefore boost the local economy.



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