Our Vision and Mission

Effecting change through positive contact

Make a significant and meaningful contribution to society by focusing on providing our customers with solutions to improving their businesses and their lives.

  • Develop Midmar Group into the preferred provider of construction and building materials, in KZN Midlands, by providing a full range of quality, well priced products and a service model that provides real solutions to improving lives.


Have a reputation for being a great place to work by hiring the best people possible and fostering a real sense of purpose and belonging in the workplace.

  • Always be on the lookout for good people that can grow the business
  • Have a comprehensive induction process that provide people with clear purpose
  • Pay competitively and be generous where it is deserved and can be afforded.
  • Have a relentless focus on the values and how they are translated into behaviour and culture.

Conduct ourselves maturely and responsibly towards the community and environment within which we operate.

  • Always act within the boundaries of the law, not just because it is required but because it is part of our values.
  • Work closely with communities to ensure we take into account their needs and contribute in a fair and sustainable manner.
  • Do all we practically can to minimise our impact on the environment


Achieve ongoing financial success, for shareholders and employees, through consistent and sustainable growth.

  • Focus on growing the core business of the supply of construction and building materials to the market in KZN Midlands
  • Extend the core business through compatible new businesses such as property development
  • Geographical and currency diversification to reduce dependence on construction industry through distribution type businesses beyond KZN
  • Invest in other local businesses, with no operational involvement, if the opportunity makes financial sense.
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