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The vibrant Midmar Group organically developed over the past 20 years to provide a respected value chain of construction and building materials that offers the opportunity to be your building materials solution from start to finish. Midmar Group consists of the following five companies.

Our Five Companies:

Midmar Crushers

Suppliers of quality quarry aggregate to the Midlands and surrounding area that has been in operation since 1996.

Midmar Concrete Products

Suppliers of wholesale blocks and concrete products to the local community and contractors in KwaZulu-Natal.

Midmar Building Supplies

A building materials trade depot supplying Mpophomeni, Howick and Merrivale communities, as well as the surrounding areas.

Taylors Halt Quarry

This quarry has reserves in excess of 80 years and is positioned near Taylors Halt in Pietermaritzburg. The quarry produces high-quality aggregates for building and construction.

Malleo Equipment

Provides a complete hydraulic hammer solution which includes full support and availability of parts and moils at all times. We import moils for all brands of hammers.

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Your Building Materials Solution from Start to Finish

Midmar Group achieves this through the value chain that begins with our quarry at Midmar Crushers, to the manufacturing of high quality concrete products at our Midmar Concrete Products yard, to finally providing customers with the best in building materials supplies at our trade depot Midmar Building Supplies.

Along with this value chain are two additional companies. Malleo Equipment specialises in providing hydraulic hammers and specialist attachments nationally, and Taylors Halt Quarry that is situated near Edendale in Pietermaritzburg.

The Midmar Group aims to make a significant and meaningful contribution to society by focusing on providing our customers with solutions to improving their businesses and their lives.

The company vision of ‘Effecting change through positive contact’ in all we do ensures our people maintain a greater sense of purpose.

We do not sell products…we sell a realisation of a better future.


From sourcing and processing high quality raw materials, to producing a wide variety of building supplies, every company in the Midmar Group Value Chain plays a pivotal role in providing each of our customers with all their building needs from start to finish.


Midmar Crushers

Midmar Crushers is an independent dolerite quarry that produces and supplies high quality stone and aggregates and has been in operation for over two decades. It is one of only two dolerite quarries in the area. Some of the products that the quarry supplies include:

  • Concrete Stone in a variety of sizes (9.5mm, 13.2mm, 19mm)

  • G2, G5, G7

  • Gabion Stone

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Midmar Concrete Products

Midmar Concrete Products (MCP) has been producing quality concrete products that are made from the best materials with accuracy and attention to detail. Our concrete products are equipped with strength and durability and come in a variety of building options that include:

  • Concrete Blocks (M140, M190, M90)

  • Concrete Bricks, Maxi Bricks

  • Retainers

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Midmar Building Supplies


Midmar Building Supplies is a Building Materials Trade Depot that focusses on providing building materials such as blocks, bricks, sand, stone and other wet trade items to its customers. The store also offers a range of hardware. Our aggregates and concrete products are directly produced on site at our concrete yard Midmar Concrete Products. This enables Midmar Building Supplies to provide good quality products at the fairest prices.


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Taylors Halt Quarry

Taylors Halt Quarry supplies quality stone aggregate for building, construction and road development. The quarry is located in Taylors Halt, Pietermaritzburg and has reserves in excess of 80 years. Some of the products produced by the quarry include:

  • 19mm Concrete Stone 

  • G2, G5 

  • Quarry Dust

  • Gabion Stone

To view Taylors Halt Quarry’s Website, click on the button below:




Malleo Equipment

Malleo Equipment provides a complete hydraulic breaker solution which includes full support, availability of parts and imported moils at all times.

Our hydraulic equipment and services range from hydraulic hammers, specialist attachments and spares to any necessary repairs and maintenance services that may be required.

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Mission Statement

Midmar Group aims to improve our community by being solutions focused to the people we serve. We aim to enhance our value chain by creating and managing the best strategies tailored for each of our companies, in order to provide our customers and communities with real solutions and quality products at affordable rates that result in financially successful and sustainable businesses.

Core Values

  • Focus on solutions

  • Take ownership of work

  • Act with integrity

  • Work together

  • Sense of belonging

  • Respect for all individuals and the environment


To provide our customers with products and services that satisfy their building needs from start to finish by utilising our value chain of companies.

Products and Services

Quarry Aggregates: Midmar Crushers and Taylors Halt Quarry
Concrete Products: Midmar Concrete Products
Hardware and Building Supplies: Midmar Building Supplies
Hydraulic Hammers, Specialist Attachments and Imported Moils: Malleo Equipment

Call For a Quote:

(033) 320-1143

Our Vision

Make a significant and meaningful contribution to society by focusing on providing our customers with solutions to improving their businesses and their lives.


  • Develop Midmar Group into the preferred provider of construction and building materials, in KZN Midlands, by providing a full range of quality, well priced products and a service model that provides real solutions to improving lives.
Have a reputation for being a great place to work by hiring the best people possible and fostering a real sense of purpose and belonging in the workplace.


  • Always be on the lookout for good people that can grow the business
  • Have a comprehensive induction process that provide people with clear purpose
  • Pay competitively and be generous where it is deserved and can be afforded.
  • Have a relentless focus on the values and how they are translated into behaviour and culture.
Conduct ourselves maturely and responsibly towards the community and environment within which we operate.


  • Always act within the boundaries of the law, not just because it is required but because it is part of our values.
  • Work closely with communities to ensure we take into account their needs and contribute in a fair and sustainable manner.
  • Do all we practically can to minimise our impact on the environment
Achieve ongoing financial success, for shareholders and employees, through consistent and sustainable growth.
  • Focus on growing the core business of the supply of construction and building materials to the market in KZN Midlands
  • Extend the core business through compatible new businesses such as property development
  • Geographical and currency diversification to reduce dependence on construction industry through distribution type businesses beyond KZN
  • Invest in other local businesses, with no operational involvement, if the opportunity makes financial sense.

Latest Activities

Heritage Day 2019

Employees of Midmar Group, Midmar Crushers, Midmar Concrete Products, Midmar Building Supplies and Taylors Halt Quarry joined together to celebrate their culture by hosting their annual Heritage Braai Day at each site. Everyone looked amazing and proudly South African. We would like to thank all employees who dressed up in their traditional garments, as well as everyone who contributed towards making the day a success. We hope everyone had an awesome day!

Midmar Group Spends Mandela Day with Angels' Care Day Care Centre

For Mandela Day 2019, Midmar Group helped the inspiring Angels’ Care Day Care Centre in Howick. Angels’ Care has been assisting the local community by caring for abused children at their crisis centre, providing health care, clothing and blankets as well as providing their children with an education. They also have a feeding scheme that provides approximately 485 children with food.

Midmar Group assisted the Day Care by fixing up & painting their jungle gym as well as donating a variety of canned food, toiletries & goodies for the children. Along with this, a R2500 Gift Voucher to Midmar Building Supplies for building materials & hardware was given to the staff for general maintenance at the Day Care. A huge thank you to all employees who contributed and helped make this day a success & thank you to the staff at Angels’ Care. A special thank you to Halls Retail for sponsoring the paint used for the jungle gym.

For more info visit our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/midmargroup/

Mandela Day at Taylors Halt with Ekulthuleni Creche

Taylors Halt Quarry spent their Mandela Day at Ekulthuleni Creche in the local community where they constructed a play area and swings for the children. They also provided the creche with a much needed microwave and handed out goodie bags to all the kids. We’d like to thank the staff of Ekulthuleni Creche as well as our dedicated Taylors Halt Quarry employees for truly embodying the spirit of Mandela Day.

For more info about Taylors Halt Quarry click here https://taylorsquarry.co.za/

Also visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/midmargroup/

Midmar Crushers Wins Aspasa's Environmental Award for 2018

Every year the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (ASPASA) awards companies that maintain a healthy and sustainable business.
Midmar Crushers recently won the About Face Environmental Award 2018. This award emphasises the following:

  • Operating at a high environmental standard
  • Minimizing environmental impact upon the land and people
  • Operating to standards higher than those required by law
  • Ensuring all employees conform to environmental policy objectives
  • Responding effectively to the interests of the community.

In order to win this award, hard work and dedication need to be present in all aspects of operation on a daily basis.

For more info about Midmar Crushers click here https://midmarcrushers.co.za/

Also check out our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/midmargroup/

Midmar Concrete Products Manufacturing Achievement

Our Midmar Concrete Products team have a lot to be proud of as the company was placed 4th overall in KwaZulu-Natal for the Fastest Growing Concrete Manufacturers in the province. The accolade was awarded to MCP by Afrisam cement and a cash prize of R3500 was allocated to the company. This money will be shared amongst the staff members for their ongoing commitment.

For more info about Midmar Concrete Products click here https://midmarconcreteproducts.co.za/

Check out our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/midmargroup/

Midmar Group Newsletter

Volume 3

Midmar Building Supplies New Store Layout

The new store layout for our Building Materials Trade Depot was developed to enhance the overall shopping experience for our customers. The journey to get to where we are, as with all building projects, did require a lot of effort from our building team and staff members to ensure the best design and construction was performed. We would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication. The road to our improved retail experience also asked for a good deal of patience from our much-valued customers. We are very grateful that we got through it together and now have a well-rounded finished product. With more shelving, more space and a wider range of building materials and hardware to choose from, any building contractor or homeowner will feel right at home.

For more info about Midmar Building Supplies click here https://midmarbuildingsupplies.co.za/

Check out our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/midmargroup/

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Compliments and Complaints

In order for our company to stay on top of our game, we’re always looking for honest feedback from our customers with regards to our products and service. Please do not hesitate to click on the button below to let us know of any problems experienced, or if you would like to send a compliment to our team.